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Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores – pores that shed dead skin cells much faster than normal. Normal pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. The acne-prone pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells per day and the body just can’t keep up. This forms the microcomedone, the beginning of all acne. Taking up to 90 days, it turns into blackheads or congestion under the skin; or if bacteria is present (which just loves to feed on the dead skin cells and oil), it turns into inflamed pimples or pustules and maybe even cysts.

What is Acne?

How Long Will it Take to Clear?

Because it takes up to 90 days for acne to form, you may still have 90 days of acne that will surface. Our acne products and protocol will keep the new acne from forming that would surface 90 days from now. Our will have your acne under control in about three to six months (in most cases) depending on your type of acne. Some types of acne take longer to clear. Your Acne Specialist will customize a home care regimen that takes at least five things into consideration - your type of acne, your skin type, your skin color, your skin sensitivity and your environment. The biggest part of getting your skin clear will be your commitment to doing your home care regimen as instructed and following lifestyle guidelines.

Acne Control Facial    110.  

We're dedicated to helping our clients achieve clear, healthy skin and feel their absolute best. Through this effective facial we will treat all your acne concerns through clinically proven treatments and an at-home skincare routine. You'll get long-term results with our selection of professional products, formulated without harsh chemicals. Our team is here to provide expert guidance and stay connected with you every step of the way.

Prebook 3 facials & receive 10% off

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Acne Back Facial     75.

The back is a common area to experience breakouts for a variety of reasons. Through skin analysis our acne experts will discuss these common causes, and how to prevent them while treating your current acne conditions. It's our mission to help you achieve clear, healthy skin on the back so you can be your most confident self.

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