Polished is an upscale, salon and boutique in Newburyport offering both service and expertise. Polished offers an expert approach that promotes natural beauty and individual style. Since opening in 1998 Polished employs an extensive team of highly qualified specialists ensuring all clients receive the highest quality results and services available.  We want you to feel at home in a place where you can relax and enjoy one of our 10 plus small batch specialty teas and chit chat about your day or just sit back with a heated neck wrap and relax.  

We have worked hard to assure you receive our top notch signature and specialty services.

Come....relax and enjoy with us. 

Salon Level System

The primary goals of our Salon Level System within Polished is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for team members and to offer several options for our guests to meet their diverse needs when it comes to salon services. Guests may choose the stylist & technician/level that complements their requests from skill set to education and budget.

All stylists & technicians, regardless of prior experience, attend Polished Associate Training Program prior to working hands-on with our guests. Polished certifies team members in our principle-based design (and product knowledge to ensure they can offer the highest level of service and experience.

This program guarantees quality control within our organization as we pride ourselves on our advanced education and believe this is what sets us apart from others in the beauty industry.

Our menus display a level 2 price for services, as our team of designers is classified by availability, education, and demand. You may schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation (select stylists) to get an exact cost. Based on availability, education, and demand we offer different levels for you to choose from.

Let one of our designers create the perfect look for you—one that suits your facial structure, hair texture, skin tone and lifestyle.

Please browse our salon levels and request an appointment based on your personal expectations:

Associate This is a recent graduate currently undergoing our six to 12-month Associate Training Program.

Level 1 Team members are developing their artistry in all principle-based design and techniques. Once our service providers build up a steady clientele, as well as other career goals, they get a promotion to the next level. Service providers in this level usually have two to three years of experience.

Level 2 Team members have developed their design and application skills, working to produce outcomes out of artistry. This individual has gone through additional training and certifications in most principles.

Level 3 Team members are advanced in all aspects of their skill. They are certified as a specialist and continue to update with ongoing education. Most help to train/mentor new team members.

Level 4-6 Team members hold management positions within the salon and are advanced with techniques.  They are specialists in all of Polished principles, and are senior educators that develop and train new educators. This level is also responsible for certifying our specialists and also organizing all continuing education and assisting with related duties. This level is reserved for our most experienced and in high demand service providers in our salon. They are well-known for their work, have reached rigorous goals and met our education and skill requirements. These stylists are your salon directors and artistically guide the entire team. They take appointments by request only.

These are the most sought-after hair stylists, nail technicians and estheticians at the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well-known reputation in the community.