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Your Nighttime Routine Simplified

Like our previous post about your Morning Routine Simplified, here we will discuss what to switch up for your evening routine.

Step One: First Cleanse

Start with a few pumps of Cleansing Oil to gently break down makeup, dirt & oil then remove with a cloth. This step is simple, but crucial in order to prevent breakouts and ensure a proper cleaning. Even works on waterproof mascara!

Step Two: Second Cleanse

Now you can use your cleanser from your morning routine to cleanse. This removes impurities from deeper into your pores.

Step Three: Tone/Mist

Like in your morning routine, spritz a toner onto the skin and leave damp. This will help your serums penetrate deeper and increase their effectiveness.

Step Four: Evenings Serums

Certain ingredients like Retinol can make you sun sensitive, so it's advised to use these products at night. The benefit of using these products is to encourage cell turnover which keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy.

Step Five: Moisturizer

This can either be the one you use in the morning, or you can choose to use a heavier formula for additional hydration and repair to the skin.

Step 6(optional): Facial Oil

Lock in your moisturizer by adding a facial oil. Not only does this create a barrier to protect your skin but it adds nutrients to replenish even the driest of skin.

If you're seeking more guidance, book the Discovery Facial with one of our skincare experts!

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