Skin Care & Treatments

At Polished we’re proud to use G.M. Collin as our primary skin care product line. G.M. Collin is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products, from superior performance clinical treatments to the highest quality dermo-corrective home care. The goal, no matter what the product, is a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.

During your Skin Analysis we will educate and inform you of all the options available to make your skin the best it can be.

Every skin treatment at Polished helps reinforce skin care improvement and gives you a greater understanding of the fabulous skin you’re in.


Let us help you get that gorgeous glow!  

Discovery & Discussion Facial 
Recommended for first time clients. This facial is designed to address your specific skin type. This treatment includes a luxurious deep cleanse, soothing enzyme exfoliation treatment, gentle yet thorough extractions, nourishing facial massage and a custom healing mask. Depending on your skin during the time of treatment, we may also recommend any of our other various facials and treatments best suited to your skins needs.  Our goal is to make sure your skin receives everything it needs to make it balanced and healthy, all while relaxing in comfort!  
60 Minutes 120. | 132. | 145.+

Algomask Facial

An enriched, thermo-corrective treatment that provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing, decongesting and brightening the skin while minimizing redness. Formulated for all skin types but great for those who generally have sensitive, reactive or dehydrated skin.

60 Minutes 130. | 143. | 157+


Hydrolifting Facial

This beautiful 5 phase anti-aging treatment exfoliates, intensely hydrates, restores, lifts and firms the skin. An immediate non-surgical lift that is perfect for any special occasion

60 Minutes 140. | 154. | 169+

Sea C Spa Facial

Turn back time with this powerful antioxidant treatment, which incorporates pure Vitamin C, seaweed and an organic mud mask. Sea C Spa brightens dull complexions, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and boosts the skin’s natural defenses. Your skin will be restored to its youthful appearance.

60 Minutes 140. | 154. | 169+


Oxygenating Facial

This revolutionary treatment is formulated with a unique concept which increases cellular energy and fights free radicals. Peptides and vitamins leave skin more luminous and balanced while an increase in moisture gives the skin back its radiance and younger glow.

60 Minutes 140. | 154. | 169+

Collagen Facial

Exclusive to G.M. Collin, this intensive anti-aging treatment hydrates, regenerates, tightens, and reconfigures the skin’s surface to reduce the visible signs of aging without surgery! This facial is unequaled for skin renewal.

60 Minutes 150. | 165. | 182+

Botinol Facial

A signature age-defying treatment from G.M. Collin. This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides with retinol to mask the signs of aging. This relaxing treatment session offers pleasant textures and exquisite essences delivering an overall sense of well-being. After one treatment, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin appears visibly younger.

60 Minutes 150. | 165. | 200+

Teen Facial

A tailored treatment for break outs, that begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation and gentle extractions. Followed by a healing mask that will help to revitalize the skin. *No Add-ons

45 Minutes 75. | 83. | 91+


The ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation. Microneedling creates micro-channels in the skin to stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastin. This will drastically reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines & wrinkles for improved texture and complexion. 3 to 5 treatments are recommended for best results.

60 Minutes 150.

Dermaplaning (added to any facial)

This skin renewing treatment removes the vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face, while removing 21 days worth of dead skin cells, leaving the complexion smooth and radiant.

Add 15 Minutes 55.

Additional Massage (added to any facial)

Add an additional 10 minutes of lymphatic massage to any facial for ultimate relaxation.

Add 10 minutes 25.

Chemical Peel (added to any facial)

Speed up the skins renewal cycle and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by adding a chemical peel to any of the facials.

Add 5 minutes 33.