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Curly Hair Styling

What is a Curly Haircut Service?

A special haircut for curly hair is a customized cut designed specifically for your curls, lifestyle, and future goals. Because dry curly cuts happen before your wash, you will need to prepare your curls prior to your appointment. This very important preparation is vital to the accuracy of your cut. Our stylists must see your natural curl pattern to fully understand what approach they will need to take to assure the best overall results.

TO PREPARE FOR YOUR CURLY CUT: WASH, CONDITION, AND DETANGLE your curls at home. Style lightly with products that will enable us to see your definition and how your hair acts naturally. Wear your curls down and fully dry. Your best results will be achieved if curls are not in a PONYTAIL, BUN, MATTED, or TANGLED. Please prepare hair as described above. 

(Additional fees apply to unprepared hair) 

First Time Curly Haircut Service 100-130

Pricing based on and length and timing

A specialized dry cut tailored to your curl pattern and your personal hair goals and routine. Our

professionally trained stylists blend and shape your curls to fall in just the right spot when your hair is

styled curly. Our curly cut includes a moisturizing wash, deep conditioning treatment and a diffused or

hood dried styling. Occasionally this service may be cut wet depending on curl type and desired result.

Please allow at least 90 minutes and arrive with hair down and in its natural curl pattern.


Welcome Back Curly Haircut Service 90

A specialized cut for those who have visited for a curly haircut before. You will enjoy a fabulous

reshaping of your curly cut with a nourishing deep treatment to hydrate and soften thirsty curls. This

service is for clients who have experienced our First Time Curly Haircut Service within the last 6 months.

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